Billy Two Rivers Hunt – Eagle Song Meditation

We (Songbear & Myself) were gifted this song from Spirit in the winter of 2002. Following the events of September 11, 2002 many families, friends and loved ones had no closure from their loved ones. This song was created just for that reason – CLOSURE!!

Now I invite you to close your eyes and imagine that you are on the back of the wings of an Eagle, Your Eagle. You are going to fly as high as you can to Spirit and connecting with the loved one(s) that have crossed over without hearing or saying “farewell”. As you make this connection In Spirit, greet them with a smile and your loving arms for they are waiting for you to come to them now. After the connection is MADE….get back on the wings of your Eagle and come back to this world that we now live in, but with your loved ones with you and forever by your side and in your heart. “For heaven” as one elder said, “is living in our families’ hearts, long after we are gone.”

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    Walking the Good Red Road to the best of my ability. Be kind to those you meet and listen to the wisdom of the elders. Walk in peace and Balance~

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